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14er Training Hikes Close to Denver

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2014 and a New Mindset

Push Yourself

So I have asthma. And I’m scared of heights. You know what seems like a perfect pastime for me? Climbing mountains! Ha! But seriously, it is. I love it. I love hiking and I love rock climbing and I love that Andy and I share this passion and came to it together. Hiking and climbing with my best friend feels like such a gift. I literally trust him with my life when he belays me and vice versa. He is very strong in the mountains and on our hikes and he pushes me to try harder.

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Whaaaaaaat? I have asthma?

Val has a nice face

After the Quandary incident I was more defeated than ever. Here I was a newfound lover of the mountains. I had a real passion for it. And I couldn’t do it. Something was wrong with me. Maybe I could never be at altitude. Maybe I would never be “fit” enough to climb above 10,000 feet. Maybe I was a loser to ever think I had any right to be out there in the first place. (Negative self talk, its a peach, ain’t it?)

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